Recovery Coach
Wellness Workshop
Addiction Recovery


Restore the connection to your soul's purpose

Experience the expanding energies  

Learning to enjoy your life today

Recovery Coach
Wellness Workshop
Addiction Recovery


Restore the connection to your soul's purpose

Experience the expanding energies  

Learning to enjoy your life today

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Addiction In Recovery

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My Healing journey

Featured Article - Eagle Bluff Environmental Center - 2018 Spring/Summer Catalog

My Healing Journey Article from Eagle Bluff Environmental Center (pdf)


About Us



 To inspire individuals with the teachings of our ancestors in today's technology.  

  • To help guide individuals through their awareness and to experience the knowing and wisdom of their own creations of life.  
  •  Learning from our ancestors  wisdom and knowledge of  healing from the heart.    

Education for Staff


Your company is only as healthy as your staff. Workshops / Classes / Retreats are created for staff members who are working with addiction.  Learn how to become the wellness of one's self.  

  • Each class is created just for your company.
  • Learn how to expand the knowledge of your staff to the clients. 
  • Create a balance work space
  • Acknowledge the wisdom within.

Set up an informational meeting for more details.

Addiction and Wellness


We are all vulnerable to craving. Whether it’s a compulsion to constantly check social media, binge eat, smoke, excessively drink, or any other behavior we may find ourselves uncontrollably repeating. Can we learn how our minds work, and even tap into this very process to find a key to conquer the cravings we know are unhealthy for us and open our natural capacities for awareness and kindness? 

Addiction is part of our human learning patterns. When we become addicted to an action, we lose the ability to choose or see other options. 

  • Learn how to understand your present conditions.  
  • Learn what it means to be balanced.
  • Learn what your choices are and what shifts your reality.
  • Learn how to heal your body-mind-spirit

This is a place for anyone looking for wellness and healing.



It is the intention, experience, and philosophy of Root River Recover, to provide support and educational workshops for persons seeking wellness from within and from addiction and/or looking to improve their well-being for long term sobriety. Classes are designed to cover a wide variety of culture based practices of healing and expand your awareness of today’s world for well-being. We seeks to improve the way we treat addiction and uphold all healing modalities to their highest good. 


We believe in and apply a holistic approach to healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Recovery - Wellness Coaching


- Recovery Coach -

Personal knowledge and experience with long term addiction recovery.

Has a working knowledge of community resources and who understands the many obstacles throughout the journey of recovery.   It is the primary goal of a recovery coach to help the client become connected and engaged in the recovery community and find an awareness of one's self-worth. 

- Ayurveda Wellness Coach -

As a professionally trained and experienced Ayurveda Wellness Practitioner, I have the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine and get a renewed sense of self. I can help you change your perception of life so that it is filled with hope and dreams.


What brings many to Ayurveda are the physical benefits, but what makes many stay are the spiritual. This part comprise of the three cosmic forces, universal qualities and energies we are all made of. You are familiar with your physical body, but you actually have more. We will briefly discuss chakras, koshas and bring you back into your true state: bliss. 

Supportive Journey


Workshops and Retreats are created in a safe environment for individuals to discover awareness of their mind, body and spirit.    

Experience a healthier lifestyle design for your body-type and jumpstart your innate healing for wellness and joy. 

Learn to understand the feeling of energies that connect us to everything. 

Give yourself permission to change your path.

Learn how a journey can be shifted with perception and awareness.

Realize that we have choices and can change our well-being for our highest good. 

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